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The Archive Section Literature introduces the great diversity of Roma literature, as well as examples of texts by Yenish authors. An international team of experts will present the life and work of important writers from all over Europe and some non-European countries, including familiar names such as Papusza, Matéo Maximoff, Ceija Stojka and Mariella Mehr but encompassing lesser-known authors as well. At the heart of the archive are self-representation, identity structures and the cultural memory of the Roma. In addition to written literary texts, this archive section also contains orally transmitted texts in different varieties of the Romani language from the Phonogrammarchiv collection at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. A further field of study is the representation of Roma in books for children and adolescents.

Dr Beate Eder-Jordan, scholar in comparative literature, Austria

Curator Orality
Petra Cech, linguist, Austria

Working Group

Christa Baumberger, literary theorist and curator, Archiv Mariella Mehr, Schweizerisches Literaturarchiv, managing director of Litar – Foundation for Literature and Translation, Switzerland
Zoltán Beck, scholar of Romani studies, musician, Hungary
Bengt O Björklund, journalist, artist and poet, Sweden
Julia Blandfort, scholar of Romance languages, Germany
Nina Debrunner, literary theorist and musicologist, Archiv Mariella Mehr, Schweizerisches Literaturarchiv, Switzerland
Melitta Depner, translator, Germany
Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz, ethnomusicologist, Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
Delia Grigore, scholar of Romani studies, president of the Roma Centre ‘Amare Rromentza’
Lorely French, scholar of German studies, United States
Mozes F. Heinschink, expert on Romani language and culture, Austria
Marina Ortrud M. Hertrampf, scholar of Romance languages, Germany
Katharina Janoska, editor and journalist, Austria
Emilia Kledzik, literary theorist, Poland
Kirill Kozhanov, linguist, Romani studies, Russia
Josipa Krnjak, archivist, Croatia
Gunilla Lundgren, author, Sweden
Imre D. Magyari, literary studies, journalist, teacher, Hungary
Ilona Makhotina, philologist, Romani studies, Russia
Viola Parente-Čapková, literary and cultural studies, Finland, Czech Republic
Eila Rantonen, literary researcher, Finland
Karima Renes, scholar of Romance languages, Germany
Karolína Ryvolová, scholar of Romani studies, Czech Republic
Helena Sadílková, scholar of Romani studies, Czech Republic
Philipp Sperner, curatorial assistant, member of the research group Globalisation and Literature at LMU Munich
Christa Stippinger, director of verein exil, zentrum exil and edition exil, Austria
Fred Taikon, Roma activist, chairman of the È Romani Glinda organisation, Schweden
Paola Toninato, scholar of cultural studies and Romani Studies, Italy / Great Britain
Martin Zingg, literature mediator, freelance publicist, Switzerland
Sofiya Zahova, ethnologist, Iceland / Bulgaria
Marianne Zwicker, scholar of German studies, United States / Germany


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