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Drawing on the enormous breadth of music by Romani artists, the Music Section highlights the ways in which these very different musical oeuvres have left their mark on European music history. Influences on classical music, for example on the work of Liszt or Brahms, or jazz, for example through Django Reinhardt, form a special focus of the collection. Traditional pieces as well as little-known yet promising musicians are contextualized within larger trends of Romani creativity. The curator takes a critical approach to the stereotypes and attributes ascribed to Romani music in order to underline the diversity of Romani cultures in Europe. Additional thematic areas of the collection include ‘Music and Language’ and the memory of the Holocaust in music.

Dr Petra Gelbart, ethnomusicologist and musician, Czech Republic/USA

Working Group
Siv Brun Lie, ethnomusicologist, USA
Carol Silverman, anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, USA
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